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  • Though Syzygy Research & Technology (the company which operates ExamBank) makes every effort to ensure that the information presented on this web site is accurate, since much information is drawn from third party sources, we cannot take any responsibility for errors or omissions. However, if you find a mistake in any of our questions or web pages, please let us know!
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  • Syzygy reserves the right to remove any account, without compensation, which we deem to be used in an improper manner.
  • You are responsible for maintaining the security offered by the unique username and password issued to you, and for this reason encourage you to pick a username and password that you feel appropriate for the level of security you need. If you feel that someone has been using your username and password without your consent, we can change your login information (or you can do it yourself by clicking on Account Admin), but we can not be held liable for any exams which you feel were accessed by an unauthorized individual. We encourage you to check the "Account Admin" area of the site frequently to keep abreast of the activity of your account, and to notify us as soon as possible if any irregularities occur.
  • The use of ExamBank does not ensure success on any test you may have to write. The best way to study is not necessarily to practice tests over and over. Consult with your teacher if you feel you have problems in learning the course material. This site is designed to complement the learning process, not replace it.
  • With the exception of unlimited accounts which expire in one year, standard accounts set up on ExamBank do not have a preset expiry date, and if you have unused quota, you will continue to be able to use it year after year until your logins are used up, for as long as we continue to make ExamBank available. We have been operating ExamBank with this policy for more than 20 years now and since usage continues to grow dramatically, have no intention whatsoever of shutting down in the foreseeable future. However, any obligation from Syzygy to provide the service to you, or provide any refund on unused quota, extends for 6 months from the date your account is set up or renewed.
  • We charge a $25 fee for any cheque which upon processing is returned to us due to "Non-sufficient funds" (NSF), or any dispute of our charge to your credit card company for creating or renewing your account (a chargeback) if you elect to pay that way. In lieu of the fee, at our discretion, we may remove the equivalent amount of logins from your account upon such an action.
  • Syzygy reserves the right to deactivate any account which has remained inactive for more than one year. If unused logins remain, the account can be reactivated by contacting us.
  • Once initially used, accounts are typically nonrefundable. Special situations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • By purchasing an account on ExamBank, you agree to receive periodic email notifications directly from us pertaining to changes in ExamBank policies, features, and the status of your account. However, Syzygy does respect your privacy and will never make your email address or other contact information available to third parties.

Privacy Policy

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ExamBank, and its parent company Syzygy Research & Technology Ltd., is committed to protecting the privacy of those who use our service, and complies with the Personal Information Protection Act concerning the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information.

The personal information we collect is that reflected on the form in which a person creates or renews an ExamBank account, which includes name, address, email address, and other related information.  This information is only accessible to employees at Syzygy Research & Technology, and is not provided to any third parties other than law enforcement, regulatory, or other government agencies who may have a legal need for such information.

We also comply with Canada's Anti-Spam legislation.  By creating an account with ExamBank, you agree to receive emails regarding the status of your account, as well as promotional emails from us relating to new offerings we may make available.  However, you may opt out of those emails at any time.


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