What students have to say...


"ExamBank had helped me prepare for testing by showing me what kinds of questions are on the test, and practice my knowledge upon a test that is not worth any marks. If I were to make up a test it wouldn't work as good, because I would already know the answers.



"I think that it's really useful that every single subject is there, and that there are plenty of questions for each. So if you decide to redo a certain specific subject you won't end up doing the same test, you'll have different questions."



"I feel that ExamBank has helped me because it gives me a general idea of how I am doing in each course that I am taking. It also gives me an idea of how the test will be, and allows me to get used to the wording that will be used during an actual exam."



What parents have to say...


"From the parent's point of view, it is a tool that my son can use without my assistance and he can monitor his progress. He has been using ExamBank since Grade 6 to prepare for his PAT."

Janet Lam


"Our 3 boys are high achievers in the school and they use ExamBank to verify that they have covered the subject matter before the exam."

Dwayne Seal


"The exam questions are very much the same style that students will see in provincial exams. This takes the "scare" of those exams away."

Kim Letkeman


"The most beneficial aspect of using ExamBank questions is that the kids think they're cheating by taking the test many times and looking up answers on the Internet, whereas what they're really doing is studying!"



What teachers have to say...


"Students can practice at home when it is convenient. Rapid, curriculum specific review or preview of core content."

Cody Johnson

Canyon School


"It provides them with the opportunity to test their own knowledge against the types of questions that are asked. They realize that it is not just the regurgitation of information but the application of the knowledge."

Nova Gould

Kameyosek School


What administrators have to say...


"The kids really like ExamBank as it gives them instant feedback about their performance. I use Exambank questions in conjunction with short-answer tests to help diagnose students strengths and weaknesses in a particular subject."

Jamie Parkinson

Canyon School


"I think the students become familiar with writing these types of exams and it better prepares them for the PAT's and diploma exams."

Linda Vandenberg

Senator Riley School

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